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When I formed the band The Hi-Frequencies in 1998, Teen Regime Records grew out of the desire to have full artistic and financial control of our recordings. When we couldn't find a local studio that had the commitment to analog recording, the vintage gear we wanted to use, and, most importantly, a real understanding of 60's production aesthetics, I started down the slippery path of the "home studio." Before I decided to take the big leap into constructing a full-blown commercial facility, I began work on a compilation of local Pittsburgh musicians in Spring 2004. The great experience I had working on the Regime Change comp solidified my desire to build the studio and make the concept of the label extend out to other artists. I have a great admiration for the label/studio in-house system that worked so well for not only indie labels like Stax and Sun but also for the majors like RCA, Capitol, Columbia, and Atlantic. The goal of our label is to see this model brought back to life.


For info on our favorite distributor and hometown heroes, go to Get Hip Recordings.

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